Safety and Security  — a secure environment


TWhile we are happy to have an Open Door Policy, our doors are technically NEVER kept open. Keeping the children "in" and strangers "out" are the main focus of our State-of the-Art Security System and our overall Security Policies and Procedures.

ChildrenView Online Viewing

While ChildrenView is a unique feature originally established to give parents peace of mind, it gives the staff at KKLC peace of mind as well. Whether in the classroom, hallway, lobby, or playground we can always see what's going on. In some instances we can actually rewind the tape and see occurrences that happened minutes, weeks, and even months ago. In addition to cameras being placed throughout our Center, we also have cameras in our parking lot and lobby entrance which provides an added security especially during pick-up and drop-off times.


On occasion visitors will enter the Center for various reasons. While we welcome visitors to view our Center, proper identification is a must, and a visitor is never allowed to freely roam the Center unattended. Unfortunately, people that are not listed on a parental pick up list are also considered visitors and they too must show proper identification. In the event, someone different will be picking up your son/daughter please be sure to contact the administrative office and make sure that he/she has identification readily available for our review. Without a call from you and proper id, your child will not be released to this person.

Uniformed Staff (coming soon)

Throughout the Center you will find many staff members in different classrooms and to make it easy for you to identify them, all staff members wear KKLC uniforms while in the building. The ability to easily distinguish our staff members from "visitors" is an added security measure for the safety of you and your child.

Lobby Entrance

Obtaining entrance into our Center is highly guarded by our State-of-the Art Security System. Families and staff members are provided with a key fob that is used to lock and unlock our lobby doors. Each key fob has a unique identification number and are remotely activated and deactivated as necessary. Anyone that does not have a key fob can use the door bell and a staff member located at our reception desk will be more than happy to provide the proper assistance.

Stranger Danger

As soon as your child can understand what you say to them, it is very important to teach them about Stranger Danger. Teaching young children about the safe and unsafe people in their neighborhood is extremely important and will help them identify strangers, unsafe situations, and what to do if one arises. Throughout the school year community helpers are invited to join us and discuss their occupation, explain various equipment used, answer questions, and discuss how they are helpers in the community and not strangers. The participation of our community helpers in our Stranger Danger Program provides an educational and positive experience for the children in our care.

Some of our Community Helpers include:
  • East Windsor Police & Fire Departments
  • Local Emergency Medical Technicians
  • Local Librarians, postal workers, veterinarians, pediatricians, dentists, & more!

Confidential Records and Files

The privacy of our families and staff is very important to us. While pertinent information is shared with various staff members for educational purposes, Our staff records and children's files are always kept under lock and key. Our filing system has a lock and only administrative staff members have access to the key. Our computerized records are closely guarded with a secure passcode and each administrator has a unique passcode of their own.