How We Communicate

The center directors and your child’s teacher are always available to talk. Discussions about your child’s day and how he is developing in the program are what our teachers look forward to. If a particular situation arises and a conference is required we would be happy to schedule a conference or a meeting at your convenience. In addition, our staff can be contacted via telephone or email.

Working and communicating with parents is essential. Helping your child become a lifetime learner is our goal and by partnering with you we can give your child exactly what he needs.

KKLC maintains an open door policy. You are always welcome to come in and speak with our administrative staff and/or our teachers the old-fashioned way, face-to-face conversation and follow-up. If you can’t make it to the center, every classroom has a telephone and our teachers can be reached throughout the day.

Together, we’ll keep all the lines of communication open, and together we’ll help your child get off to a great start in life.

All About Me Sheets are provided for children enrolled in our Infant, Toddler and Pre-School Prep programs. You will receive a written report each day that includes information on napping, toileting, eating and daily activities.

Take Home Folders are provided to each child to each child at the beginning of the year. The take home folders include items such as newsletters, artwork, homework, notes from the administrative office and your child’s teacher. Take home folders should be taken home each night and returned to school each morning.

Artwork Displays are located all around your child’s classroom. Take a look and see what your child has accomplished.

Assessments. All children enrolled in KKLC are screened once they start a new classroom. In addition, periodic assessments are completed on each child throughout the year. The information is used to determine where children need more development and it helps the teacher create meaningful lesson plans.

Family Communication Boards are located directly outside of your child’s classroom. The family communication board contains posted lesson plans, lunch menus, daily class schedule, monthly calendar, current newsletter and more.

Theme Newsletter is a parent newsletter published by KKLC to inform you about the exciting theme and objectives we will work on in a particular unit.

Kottage Monthly Calendars are created and distributed the first day of each month. Monthly calendars contain useful information about upcoming events and happenings at the center.

Parent Surveys are conducted during the Parent/Teacher conferences. The information obtained is used to improve our service to you and your child.

KKLC Website is our interactive web page that provides information about our programs and allows our parents to log in to their child’s teacher homepage. The teacher homepage provides your child’s profile, assigned homework, classroom schedule, classroom rules, and more.

Childrenview is a web based service that allows you to be with your child even when you are away. Childrenview can be accessed from any computer with and internet connection. Simply enter your username and password and voile you are virtually in your child’s classroom! Childrenview is a complimentary service for all parents with children enrolled in our program. Login to ChildrenView

Parent-Teacher Conferences are conducted three times a year and information regarding your child’s development is shared with you. A sample of your child’s work is provided along with your child’s developmental Record Book. All of the above information is stored in your child’s portfolio and access to the portfolio is granted anytime of the year.