Healthy Choices


Early childhood is an exciting time, your child is beginning to learn about themselves and the world around them. This is a time when he/she begins to develop habits that can affect them throughout their lives, especially when it comes to food and nutrition. While we want our children to learn the fundamentals to become lifelong achievers, we also want them to develop healthy habits to make healthy choices.

At KKLC we provide “Healthy Choices” a program that teaches the very young the importance of eating right and being physically active. The program includes “Let’s Move”, a physical fitness component and “Healthy Foods”, a nutrition awareness component Both programs utilize songs, poems, movement, and most of all fun (not to mention they are designed specifically for the youngest learner).

The benefits of our “Healthy Choices” program:

  • Understand the health benefits of eating well and playing actively
  • Ability to name some healthy foods
  • Be more likely to try new foods, especially fruits and vegetables
  • Take part in a variety of physical activities
  • Be able to apply at home the lessons learned in school


Healthy food keeps us happy, and strong and it is the adults in a child’s life that play a vital role in helping children understand the nutritional value of the food they eat. Through rhyming, sorting, and counting we teach kid about “sometime” and “anytime” foods and the importance of eating five fruits and vegetables everyday.

But our job does not stop there. Not only do we teach the importance of healthy foods, we practice what we teach. KKLC provides healthy meals and snacks throughout the day.


Because we know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, we offer breakfast to each child between the hours of 7:00am to 8:30am. A healthy breakfast wakes up a child’s body by starting his/her metabolism and it provides the energy he/she needs for the rest of the day.


Snacks are provided to each child in the morning and in the afternoon. To help each child eat a better overall diet, we provide snacks that are loaded with nutrients. These snacks include: fruits and vegetables, yogurt, granola, and more.


Kids Kottage offers an optional hot lunch program for all children 12 months and older. The lunches are prepared fresh daily and include the necessary servings based upon the food pyramid provided by the United States Department of Agriculture.

Our healthy foods and snacks are nutritious and fun for kids to eat!

For families that wish to provide their own breakfast, snacks, and lunches we simply ask that are healthy. Whether provided by you or by us, we want all the children to understand the importance of eating healthy.


Children love to move. Physical activity is good for children’s bodies and their minds. Moving helps everyone feel good and it supports the healthy development of our entire bodies.

Research shows that all children need and benefit from at least 60-minutes of physical activity everyday but the sad truth is many children are not getting it. One study found that in some childcare centers, children were only getting about 20-minutes of physical activity per day.

Rest assured, KKLC was not one of those centers. Here we truly understand the importance of physical activity and we encourage it twice a day for 30-minute intervals at a time.

Our "Let's Move" program was designed to instill healthy lifestyle habits in young children. We incorporates preschool exercises and preschool fitness into a program that is educational and fun. In addition, it teaches overall health, anatomy, nutrition, exercise, and healthy food choices.

Our "Let's Move" Physical Fitness program begins daily after breakfast. In our multipurpose room children jump, run, crawl, stretch and more to different music genres. Whether it is music and movement, aerobics, or alphabetcising, your child will be having fun while practicing what it means to be physically fit.

Later in the day, children are taken outside to climb, run, jump, and slide in our outdoor playground. If the weather is bad, we venture off into the multipurpose room. Here we utilize balance beams, dancing scarves, parachutes, and more to ensure that we are meeting our daily physical fitness requirement. Come join us sometime!



Even the youngest children need to learn proper dental hygiene. Our infants and Once the first tooth is found, our caregivers begin brushing older infant’s teeth using a unique product called “Spiffies Tooth Wipes”. Spiffies are a safe, convenient way that our caregivers cleanse your baby’s teeth and mouth and begin teaching the lifelong lesson of good dental hygiene.


Although they are beginning to brush on their own, toddlers still receive assistance while brushing their teeth. Everyday after lunch your toddler will grab his/her toothpaste and a generous amount of a tasty fluoride free toothpaste and brush away. The teachers in the Toddler Classroom make this activity fun through the use of music, movement, and more. Your toddler doesn’t care that he/she is doing a great thing, they just know it is fun!

3-5 Years

It is widely accepted that toothbrushing plays an important role in the prevention of tooth decay, a significant goal to ensure the overall quality of health for all children. At Kids Kottage toothbrushing has become an important daily activity. At the beginning of the school year each child is given a toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste, after lunch time the children go into the restrooms and brush their teeth. The activity is carefully supervised by the classroom teachers and the children have a good time while performing healthy dental hygiene.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the items that we use to promote good dental hygiene, give us a call.