Safety and Security — outdoor safety


By state regulations are children are required to go outside at least twice a day. The children at KKLC enjoy outdoor time on the playground, on field trips, or simply walking around the community. While they are actively experiencing the world around them, we are constantly making sure that they are safe.

To ensure outdoor safety, we begin by teaching "outdoor safety". Outdoor safety consists of some basic safety rules that the children must use whether on the playground, on a walking trip, or on a field trip. Safety rules are not just taught in the classroom, they are practiced continuously. Prior to a field trip, the children practice walking in a line with buddies, while on the playground, the children practice taking turns on the slide, etc. Practicing the safety rules are vital to our outdoor safety success.

Playground Safety

Running, jumping, playing, and sliding are just some of the fun things that we see happen on our playground. The smiles that can be found on the faces of the children on a playground are beautiful; however, knowing that while they are having a blast, they are safe is "priceless". Our certainty regarding Outdoor Playground Safety is unquestioned because KKLC utilizes the S.A.F.E National Action Plan to keep your children) safe. What does S.A.F.E. mean? It is what we ensure everyday.

  • Supervision is present, but strings and ropes aren't
  • All children play on Age-appropriate equipment.
  • Falls to surface are cushioned.
  • Equipment is safe.

For more information about the National Program for Playground Safety, please visit

Walking Trips

On occasion children in our program participate in walking field trips around the neighborhood. Walking field trips allow children to experience and observe different places, people, and things in their communities.

Field Trips

Throughout the year children in our Preschool, Pre-kindergarten, and kindergarten programs get to experience hands-on involvement as they venture outside of the traditional learning environment. Field trips are an exciting and educational change of pace for young children. We understand that children learn best through their experiences because they are naturally curious, active, and eager to learn and try new things. For this reason, we add a few educational field trips throughout the year to compliment our curriculum. While a preschool field trip may seem scary, rest assured that we follow strict safety precautions to ensure everyone's safety.

Take a look:
  1. Field trips are scheduled according to age level and curriculum relevance.
  2. Field trip rules are shared and discussed with the children prior to any field trip experience.
  3. A signed permission slip must accompany every child attending a field trip.
  4. Children are grouped together according to classroom and the teacher-to-child ratio is always enhanced.
  5. All children are required to wear two forms of identifiable information including a KKLC t-shirt and sticker/wristband.
  6. A signed permission slip must accompany every child attending a field trip.
  7. First Aid Kits are readily available.
  8. All children riding on a school bus are securely belted in their seat.
  9. No child is ever allowed to go to the restroom or anywhere else unsupervised.
Special Note: KKLC does not take children outside if it is 32 degrees or below.

If you do not want your child to go outside for medical reasons, simply provide us with a note from your pediatrician and we will honor your request. In addition, participation on field trips is voluntary. Children that do not attend a field trip can remain at the Center and participate in other fun activities. Lastly, parents are always welcome to join us on our outdoor outings.