Safety and Security — indoor safety

Child Proof Classrooms

A lot of what we do in the classroom, you do right in your own home. All outlets in the classroom are covered with protective covers. Cords have been securely fastened or strategically placed behind furnishings, and all furniture is checked daily for any splinters, loose, or broken pieces. In addition, each of our classrooms have a carpeted area and every carpeted area is checked daily for snags that can trip little feet.

Child-Sized Furnishings

In the classroom we have created an equal balance of floor space for gross motor activity and divided space for center-learning. The open floor space is vital to movement and exploration, while the divided areas create a learning center that is set aside from other areas in the classroom. These divided learning centers allow each child's imagination to run wild; however, they do so while creating a safe environment. Through the use of child-sized shelving and cubbies, anti-tip tables, and strategically placed tables and chairs, our classrooms create an environment conducive of learning and play while also keeping your child safe.

Classroom Materials

The majority of the materials that your child will use during the course of the day are easily assessable to each and every child in the classroom. Most materials are stored in labeled containers located on our "child sized" shelves which gives them the ability to access them. While many childcare providers believe that classroom materials are not safe and that they should be kept out of the reach of young children, we believe differently. Simply placing classroom materials "out of the reach" of a child does not make them any safer; however, taking time to explain the proper and improper use of the material does. As an educator, we do not remove the material from the child's grasp, we teach him/her "safe" and "unsafe" ways to handle them. Each and every time a material is used or introduced, our teachers spend a great deal of time teaching and explaining how to properly use such classroom material. Special Note: KKLC regularly visits the U.S Consumer Protection Safety Commission website for any product recalls that may affect the materials that we use in our classrooms. If we find that an item has been recalled, the item(s) is quickly removed from the classroom and a notice is distributed so that you may do the same, if your have the item(s) at home.

Adequate Supervision -

Although we thoroughly child-proof our classrooms, use "child sized furnishings, and provide lessons on the use of classroom materials, nothing will make a classroom completely safe without adequate "adult adult supervision". While we always adhere to the states guidelines regarding child supervision, often times we enhance it, if we feel it will be in the best interest of your child. No matter whether "Johnny is acting as a chef in the kitchen, constructing a sky-scraper in the block center, or quietly reading a book in the library, he is always "actively" being supervised. Our teachers are tactfully skilled in their ability to give a child the room to independently learn and play while "actively" supervising them the whole way through.

Safe Emotions

When many people think of classroom safety, they automatically think of the physical environment. While we recognize that physical safety is important, we understand that classroom safety must also include emotional safety as well. A child should never feel emotionally threatened when entering a classroom, he/she should feel both physically and emotionally safe. To ensure that every child feels emotionally safe when entering a classroom, KKLC has implementing a "NO BULLYING" policy. In addition, we encourage each child to use his/her words instead of hands voice their frustrations. Our teachers welcome each child to talk through his/her frustrations no matter how big or small, they are always there to listen and help find a solution.