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Medical Standards — allergies


Because allergies are common among young children we ask all parents/guardians that bring in store bought or homemade goods to provide an ingredient list to the teacher. This ensures that a child that is allergic to a certain food does not receive it. In the event, the ingredient list is not provided we will not give the item to the child, we will provide a substitute item instead.

If your child has allergies please be sure to document such allergy during the time of enrollment. If an allergy develops after enrollment, please be sure to advise the health professional so that we can document it accordingly and advise your child’s teacher. All children with allergies/dietary restrictions are added to the Allergy/Dietary Restriction list. The Allergy/Dietary Restriction list is prominently displayed in the classroom and any other room where your son or daughter may be throughout the course of the day. All parents/guardians must complete an Allergy Treatment Plan. This plan provides information regarding the allergy and specific instructions to combat an allergic reaction.

Kids Kottage recognizes the potentially serious consequences of children with allergies. These allergies may include a condition known as anaphylaxis and/or asthma. Anaphylaxis is a potentially life-threatening allergic reaction brought about by exposure to certain foods or other substances. If your child suffers from these types of allergies and requires the use of an anaphylaxis injection (epipen) or inhaler, please complete the Allergy Treatment Plan and an Anaphylaxis Injection Authorization form or Asthma Treatment Plan.